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  The Slate Quarries of Pembrokeshire
slate quarrying in wales


Amendments to 'The Slate Quarries of Pembrokeshire'

Page 37, 40 Pen y Maen SM728276. Working from 1800 possibly long before. Advertising in 1889s probaly closed around turn of the century. Materail shipped at adjacent Port LLeuog (Robert Lewis)

Page 55 CRONLLWYN reportedf 2010 that small-scle production has been restarted

Page 55 DYFFRYN Worked in early 1920s by Hugh Edwards paying Royalty of 2/9 per 100 to Francis Barham. An account (1922) exists for 90 20x10@ 41/-, 90 18x10@ 37/6, 100 19x0@ 36/-, 30 16x10@ 35/- (all prices per 100). 1923 Peter Campbell of Tyrch offered to buy stock for 11/4d per slate, Dressing machine for £7.10 0 & 2 trams @ £5 and Rails @£7per ton. Presumably this is when quarry closed (P D Edwards)

Page 88 Picture of Dolbadau crane. It is believed that this was the crane that was bought in the mid 1930s by HENDRE DDU Quarry SH799125 (see The Slate Regions of Wales, Section 14) but its wooden jib was wrecked when it was being unloaded.

Page 104 CNWC Y DERIN should be Cnwc y Deryn also at 105, 117, 102,193

Page 106 1934 4 men, ditto 1937

Page 11//6 GILFACH 1928 47 men, 1934 34 men (15 in the quarry, 19 outside), ditto 1937

Page 116 GILFACH Some attemept to go underground 1930s?

Page 117 Shoul;d be Gogeddan Plant Breeding Station

Page 126 LLYN 1937 P.F.Campbell 6 menth

Page 130 TEMPLE DRUID Truscott's partners were J E Phillips, G Evans & J Williams. They met in Thomas' Cafe Swansea. The company paid a dead rent of £10 pa merging to 1/30th.

Page 132 Tyrch 1928 24 men, 1934 20 men, 1937 20 men, (2 at upper site?)1938 13 men

Page153 Lochtyn This was being occasional worked by J & J Davies, Llangranog in 1928, idle by 1934
New Entry 042342 Penralltddu

Page 155 INSERT PENRALLTDDU SN042342 Offered for lease November 1842 Remains Possible excavation.

Page 157 The river was navigable at least as far as Llechryd, and aoart from carrying general cargo, served the Pen-y-gored tinplate works, whose proprietor (and builder of Castell Malgwyn), apprently constructed a towing path on its south side in the 1790s. Although the path appears to have been discontinuous, horses were said to be used. An engraving c1820, shows man-hauling of barges with a seemingly non-slate cargo. Paddling rather than hauling seems to have been the norm for slate working.
The influential Lloyd family of Coedmore several vessels carrying slate from Cardigan. Some Cilgerran slate found its way to north America , but more as 'saleable ballast' on ships fetching timber cargoes.

Page 159 New Entry 173513 Grug

Page162 The Stephens owned sailing ships operating out of Cardigan carrying slate.Thjeir Cardigan works had been the Bailey Foundry which vacated the building when it was amalgamated with the Bridgend Foundry in the mid 1860s.

Page 168 Stephens opened their roadside mill in 1885 to take advantage of the new railway. Mahinery was brought in from their Cardigan works which was hem closed.


Page 170/2 DOLBADAU 1928 2 men employed one only 1934 & 1937

Page 171 "Coffin without bottom" . This would be used to cover the body which was laid on a board. After the funeral but before the grave was filled in, it would be retoieved for reuse

Page 173 Some 150 yards upstream from the Pwdwr workings, at the bend in the river, a path led down to a ferry which gave access to Plas y Meudwy on the north bank.

Page 174 2002 Sawing of block being carried out at Cefn

Page 176 FFOREST
Notes Re Thomas Lloyd of CoedmoreThe estate dates from at least the 13th century. Thomas Lloyd, born 1793 was the eldest (of four, Oliver being the second) sons of Thomas Lloyd who had bought Fforest from Symmons in 1790 for £3000. Thomas (junior), whose mother Elizabeth was the first non-Welsh person to marry into the Lloyd family, a noted athlete he beat Mr Lucas a Cardigan Solicitor in a 30-mile race over the Preceli hills to win a wager of £50. During the ensuing celebrations the bells of Cilgerran church were cracked and had to be recast! He as appointed J. P., Deputy Lieutenant; having served as High Sheriff he became Lord Lieutenant shortly before his death in 1857. He was succeeded by his eldest son. Thomas Edward
(The Francis Jones Historic Cardiganshire Homes, Brawdy 2000)

Page 181 Insert GRUG SN173513 Very small quarry of convenience

Page 185 New Entry 388311Nantgerdinen

CORNGAFR The Trelodan quarry is unknown, but on land formerly adjacent to TREFLODAN farm Solva in the vicinity of granite workings at SM799264 fragments of coarse black slate have been found.

Page 188 INSERT NANTGERDINEN SN388311 Part time? working in small valley Remains Much waste including roofling slate trimmings. No buildings

Pp 192/193 INSERT Alphabetical & GR Refs for Nantgerdinen and for Penralltddu