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Fragments of Mine and Mill in Wales
  A Tale of Two Rivers
  Two Snowdonia Rivers
  The River Conwy
  Fragments of Mine & Mill in Wales
  Tinplate in Wales
  Rails & Sails of Welsh Slate
  The Slate Railways of Wales
  Gazeteer of Slate Quarrying in Wales
  Slate Quarrying in Corris
  Slate Quarrying in Wales
  Welsh Slate Craft
  Crefftwyr Llechi
  Cwm Gwyrfai
  The Slate Quarries of Pembrokeshire
slate quarrying in wales


Amendments to 'Two Snowdonia Rivers'

Page 53 Coade Stone. A very durable ceramic-like material that could be moulded into decorative blocks, statues etc.. Devised by Mrs Eleanor Coade in 1769 production was continued by her daughter aided by a talented mould maker, John Bacon. Manufacture ceased circa 1840.

Page 54 sine-qua-non

Page 124 Should be Col. Le Blanc NOT Le Clare

The bell having been recast & rehung, was rededicated in February 2010 in the presence

of the Colonel's great, great grandson

The inscription reads -

C&G Mears Founders London

The Gift of Lt Col Le Blanc as a thanks offering for the preservation of himself and familly in attempting to cross the estuary of Traethbek on the 14th August 1844

D Evans, A.B. Rector

I Foulkes )

L Thomas) Church Wardens

Traethbek should be Traethbach & I Foulkes should be J Foulkes, in the interest of historical accuracy these errors have been repeated in the recast bell

(Courtesy MrDavid Naylor, Church Warden, St Tanwg's, Harlech).